Join Castle-Crown Wilderness Coalition (CCWC) for a variety of summer stewardship activities that are both educational and recreational. These activities are hosted by local experts and promote conservation and reclamation of the Castle Wildland and Castle Provincial Parks.

All events require registration. Please call the Leader listed for each specific activity to confirm your attendance and receive any information (start time, meeting location) relevant to that activity. This will also allow the Leader to contact you should any changes occur prior to the activity.



  • Bring water and food for the day.
  • Pack appropriate clothing for changing mountain weather; hat, rain gear, gloves.
  • Wear appropriate/sturdy footwear.
  • Bring walking poles if you prefer.
  • Pack bear spray.
  • Take great pictures.
  • Bring a bike if it is requested.


  • Bring dogs or other pets.
  • Remove rocks, flowers, or other beautiful finds from the area.


Activity Schedule

May 27: Table Mountain (2230m)

  • Elevation gain: 810 m
  • Time/distance: 3 hrs/4.5 km (one way)
  • Rating: moderate to difficult

Leader: Kris Larson (403) 339-6179

Start out in a cool aspen forest, eventually reaching a gully where the climb begins. The trail takes you to the plateau with amazing views. The summit requires a bit more hiking but it is worthwhile!


June 14 – 19: Waterton Wildflower Festival

CCWC will have an educational display booth set up and will be available to answer questions and share information with the Festival participants.


June 24: Prairie Bluff/Corner Mountain (2254 m)

  • Elevation gain: 700 m
  • Time: 5-6 hrs (return)
  • Rating: moderate to difficult

Leader: Kris Larson (403) 339-6179

The eastern edge of where the Castle Region meets the Prairies, this high point offers a great vantage point of the mountains to the south and west. We will look beyond the industrial activity in the eastern foreground to the prairie horizon. This route is off trail with a little route-finding and great rock scenery.


July 11: Minimum Security Camp Week Pull

This is the 3rdyear that CCWC supporters will help reclaim this area. Please join us to pull some weeds, have some fun and meet other people interested in removing invasive species from the area.

To register, please call the CCWC office at (403) 627-5059 or Wendy Ryan at (403) 627-4106.


July 14: Suicide Creek Tarn

  • Elevation gain: 450 m
  • Time/distance: 2.5 hrs/4 km (one way)
  • Rating: moderate

Leader: Andrea Hlady (403) 875-8442

This hike starts in the West Castle Valley and travels up a small creek, along an old reclaimed trail, opening up to meadows of wild flowers and views. A small winding trail takes you into the small peaceful tarn. There are a few versions of how this area got its name—join us to find out the lore of the valley.


July 22: Blind Canyon Basin

  • Elevation gain: 700 m
  • Time: 6 hrs (return)
  • Rating: moderate to difficult

Leader: Rob Goasdoue (587) 788-0665 or (403) 894-2297

The trail into Blind Canyon starts at the Yarrow Creek staging area, north of Waterton Lakes National Park. Hike up on open grasslands to a ridge, then hike trails to the Roy Marshall and Bertha Echland homestead along the Blind Canyon creek.

Following the creek up to the end basin is a bit of a scramble, as the trail has been washed away in places after the many flash floods. Game trails are used to reach the upper basin.


July 25: 11th Annual West Castle Wetlands Ecological Reserve Weed Pull

Bring a digging tool, insect repellent, drinking water, and lunch. If you want to work both sides of the river, please bring water shoes. We are making a difference on the battle against the invasive species. Many hands make light work – come and join us to protect the ecological reserve and enjoy the company of other like-minded people. Meet at the Castle Mountain Resort parking lot at 9:30 am and stay for treats after the hard work is finished!

To register, please call the CCWC office at (403) 627-5059 or Wendy Ryan at (403) 627-4106.


July 28: Drywood Mountain (west summit)/Bovin Lake (2514 m)

  • Elevation gain: 840 m to west summit
  • Time/distance: 6 -9 hrs/18 km
  • Rating: difficult to strenuous/scramble + bike

Leader: Kevin Kelly (403) 627-5128

Bikes will be used for the first 4km along an oil and gas access road that takes you up a beautiful front range canyon with amazing colours and scenery. The bike ride is followed by a 2 hour hike to Bovin Lake. From the lake, those feeling energetic can scramble up the south slopes of Drywood and onward to the west summit. Those who are content at the lake can return the same way.


July 29: Barnaby Ridge (2471 m)

  • Elevation gain: 1000 m
  • Time/distance: 4 hrs/9 km (one way)
  • Rating: moderate to difficult

Leader: Sabrina Ryans (403) 707-8053

You will start this hike by fording the West Castle river! Then enjoy the beautiful panorama across the West Castle valley and once on the ridge there is a beautiful larch forest to view.


July 29: Spionkop (2576 m)

  • Elevation gain: 650 m
  • Time/distance: 2.5 hrs/5 km (one way)
  • Rating: moderate to difficult

Leader: Kris Larson (403) 339-6179

Spionkop is a scenic hike in the south region of the Castle Wildland Park. Start on an old road up the east side of Smith Canyon to a copper mine exploration site from the 1960’s. Follow a trail through the trees then continue on a rocky, shale trail to the saddle between Smith and Blind Canyons.


August 1: Front Canyon Reclamation Hike and Weed Pull – Blind Canyon

In conjunction with the Nature Conservancy of Canada we will, for a third year complete a weed pull at the old farm site in the canyon. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and learn about the history of the area. There will be a moderate hike of about 1.5 hours into the site. Packhorses will assist in removal of the weeds. Please bring your favourite hand digging tool and pruners for the burdock.

To register, please call the CCWC office at (403) 627-5059 or Wendy Ryan at (403) 627-4106.


August 11: South Fork Lakes (2040 m)

  • Elevation gain: 630 m
  • Time/distance: 2.5 hrs/3.8 km to first lake (7 hours round trip)
  • Rating: moderate to difficult

Leader: Rob Bronson (403) 978-5756.

Ford the West Castle River through knee-deep water. Bring water shoes to cross in. Hike up Barnaby Ridge on an improved switchback trail. Explore the three South Fork Lakes, enjoy stromatolites, larch covered slopes and vista views.


August 15: Sartoris Road Weed Pull 

This is a great way to educate yourself on the invasive plants of southwest Alberta. CCWC will be removing invasive species from the Sartoris Road area and many hands make light work! If you are a Geo-casher, there is one in this area to find.  We will be working along Lynx and George Creeks and the main Sartoris road.  Bring a lunch, drinking water, sun screen and insect repellent.

To register, please call the CCWC office at (403) 627-5059 or Wendy Ryan at (403) 627-4106.


August 18: Haig Lake

  • Elevation gain: 396 m
  • Time/distance: 2 hrs/4 km (one way)
  • Rating: moderate

Leader: Susan Guerra (403) 526-9415.

Hike to the base of the Mount Haig, one of the most recognizable peaks in the Castle. The route is short and direct, often with snow along the shore year round. Huckleberries will be ready to snack on!


August 25: Mount McCarty (2354 m)

  • Elevation gain: 900 m
  • Time/distance: 4 hrs/10 km (one way)
  • Rating: moderate to difficult

Leader: Wendy Ryan (403) 627-4106

McCarty Creek flows into the Carbondale River in the north part of the Castle Wildland Park.  There is one creek crossing so you may want to have water shoes with you.  Also, bring your swim suit and a small towel in case you are tempted to go for a swim at the lake.  A side trip to a rock slide is rewarding with the chance to see/hear Pica and Marmots.


August 26: Bovin (Blue) Lake

  • Elevation gain: 430 m
  • Time/distance: 8 hrs/15km (return)
  • Rating: moderate to difficult

Leader: Kris Larson (403) 339-6179

Bovin Lake (or Blue Lake) is at the head of South Drywood Creek. Hike along an old reclaimed road to the lake, approximately 3 hours one way to the lake area. If time and energy permits, a group could hike up onto the ridge that looks into the South Castle Valley.


September 12:  Annual Great Shoreline Clean-Up

The Shoreline Cleanup encourages people across Canada to remove shoreline litter to help create healthy waters for everyone, including the wildlife and communities that depend on them. Our efforts are focused on the Beaver Mines Lake, a popular place for outdoor enthusiasts and campers. This event engages people to remove trash and debris from the lake’s shores, identify the sources of debris, and discuss ways to change the behaviors that cause people to leave this debris in the first place

To register, please call the CCWC office at (403) 627-5059 or Wendy Ryan at (403) 627-4106.


September 13: Carbondale Lookout Yoga Hike

  • Elevation gain: 457 m
  • Time/distance: 2 hrs/4 km (one way)
  • Rating: moderate

Leader: Karla Breeze (403) 627-7704

Join Karla Breeze of Shanti Hollow Yoga and Retreat for a hike to Carbondale Lookout. This is a moderate hike with some yoga along the way and at the top. Bring your own drinking water, snack/lunch and appropriate clothing. The yoga be for all levels and might be a nice way to introduce you to the practice of yoga. Enjoy the 360-degree views of the Castle area from the top!


September 22: Rainy Ridge/Middlepass Lakes (2429 m)

  • Elevation gain: 1000 m
  • Time/distance: full day/25 km
  • Rating: difficult to strenuous/scramble + bike

Leader: Kevin Kelly (403) 627-5128

From Castle Mountain Ski Resort we will bike approximately 4 km, then hike several kilometers to Middle Kootenay Pass. At the Pass, it is a moderate scramble along the west ridge of Rainy, essentially following the Continental Divide to the summit. Scree slopes will take us down into BC to the larch covered shores of Middlepass Lakes. A straightforward hiking trail leads us back to Middle Kootenay Pass.