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  • AWA Guide to completion of Castle Parks Management Plan Survey
  • EUB Hearing 2007: Shell no longer opposes the Park. In September and October 2007, a hearing was held in the Pincher Creek Community Hall as an opportunity for the public to provide input to the Energy and Utilities Board on Shell’s proposal to drill an exploratory well at (and put in a pipeline to) Mt Backus, west of Beaver Mines. This was the first time in years that a well proposal on public land was close enough to people’s dwellings that a number of people could intervene. A very important part of Shell’s testimony in response to a question from CCWC in cross examination was that Shell no longer opposes the idea of a Park in the Castle. The EUB panel Chair reiterated the question as his first question to Shell. The written versions of CCWC staff presentations are available in PDF format: James Judy Wendy
  • Andy Russell – I’tai sah kòp Proposed Wildland Park & Provincial Park for Southwest Alberta, Brochure, May 2008 (326K). Background Document
  • Presentation to C5 Crowpac Meeting, October 5th 2005. PDF Document
  • Grizzly bears in southwest Alberta: A vision and plan for population and habitat recovery, by Dr. Brian L. Horejsi, 2004. PDF Document
  • Originating Motion, Judicial Review, Castle Mountain Resort, Oct 21, 2002. PDF Document
  • America’s Gas Tank The High Cost of Canada’s Oil and Gas Export Strategy by Matt Price, NRDC; and John Bennett, Sierra Club of Canada, October 2002. PDF Document
  • Bringing it Back: A Restoration Framework for the Castle Wilderness Prepared by David H. Sheppard, Gary Parkstrom, and Jennifer C. Taylor, May 2002. PDF Document
  • A Brief presented to the Council of the MD of Pincher Creek regarding Castle Mountain Resort’s Area Structure Plan, December 11, 2001. PDF Document

Annual General Meeting

  • May 13, 2017 – coming soon!  Minutes and reports from 2017 AGM