About the CCWC

We are the only local organization committed to protecting the Castle for today and all future generations.

The Castle-Crown Wilderness Coalition was formed and registered as a Society in 1989 by a group of southern Albertans who recognized the unique ecological values of the Castle Wilderness. With the support of local communities and volunteers, the CCWC has programs ranging from advocacy to on-the-ground conservation.



The thrust of CCWC’s work is advocating for the legislated protection of the Castle under Alberta’s Parks and Protected Areas Act. In September 2015, the Alberta government announced the creation of a Provincial Park and Wilderness Park. The CCWC continues to advocate for the sustained management and protection of the Castle.

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The CCWC contributes to the livelihood of the Castle Wilderness by organizing programs and activities including pulling weeds, picking up litter and reclaiming degraded areas. Every summer, guided hikes, weed pulls and clean-ups are planned to enjoy and take care of this special region.

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As the eyes and ears of the Castle, volunteers for the CCWC monitor activities and state of the wilderness. The CCWC monitors for inappropriate activity and shares concerns with the public and at regulatory, legislative or conservation hearings. The CCWC also celebrates successes in conservation with local communities.



CCWC highlights over the years

1989: CCWC was established by a group of southern Albertans

1990: First roundtable attended by 37 conservationists and environmentalists

2002: CCWC a finalist for an Alberta Emerald Award

2013: CCWC wins Outstanding Group Steward award from Alberta Parks

2015: Government of Alberta announces the full protection of the Castle region


Friends and partners

The CCWC partners with local communities and conservation groups to extend our reach and impact.


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