Protecting the Castle!

A world in which wilderness survives so that wild lands and wildlife may thrive, and future generations can know their natural beauty and diversity.
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Say Whoa! to Motorized Recreation in the Castle

Tell Jason Kenney Whoa! to motorized recreation in the Castle.

Castle riverThe Castle is a necessary link

As part of the Crown of the Continent ecosystem, the Castle Wilderness area is the south corridor of connectivity for species moving between the US, Alberta, BC, and the Yukon.

The Castle is vital habitat

There is an abundance of biodiversity in the Castle Wilderness and the unique ecosystem sustains many species of rare wildlife.

The Castle is a source of water

Watersheds throughout and beyond southern Alberta depend on the headwaters that begin in the Castle Wilderness.

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Say Whoa! to Motorized Recreation

Say Whoa! to Motorized Recreation

Even though both the public and conservation science strongly support the elimination of motorized recreation in the Castle, the Government of Alberta put the phase out of OHVs on hold.

As land use policies change, the CCWC will continue to promote the ongoing protection, restoration and maintenance of the Castle Wilderness as a viable and thriving wilderness.

The Castle-Crown Wilderness Coalition is dedicated to protecting the Castle Wilderness


The CCWC is a voice for the Castle Wilderness, promoting the legislated protection of the area for current and future Albertans.


With the help of volunteers, the CCWC supports the ongoing care and monitoring of this unique region.